A Guide to getting massive arms through thick bar training

Published: 21st June 2011
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If you ask 100 fitness professionals, I mean the ones who really know their stuff; they will tell you that the weakest part of your body is your grip. If you are a professional bodybuilder, or if you are a professional weakling, itís most likely very important that you need to improve your grip. Itís a real shame that not everyone understands the importance of grip, and how improving this can have a significant increase on every aspect of their physical look and performance. The problem that most barbell and dumbbell manufacturers wonít tell you about is that most barbell and dumbbells are far, far too easy to grip.

Sometimes it hits people are brought out of the blue, but everyone should expect it, but when it does arise it can be shocking, surprising or even horrifying. Iím referring to a plateau. All of a sudden you canít add weight like you used to, you used to be able to add weight after weight, week after week and every week that small gain was important, as it meant you were getting stronger. Where youíve been training for years, or even a few months, a plateau can hit you right between the eyes at any point. Believe me, even famous athletes hit plateaus, even Lance Armstrong has hit a few in his life. So Fat Gripz are a way to get over a plateau. The reason you hit a plateau when training is because your body is programmed to stay in proportion - so weak forearms put the brakes on your muscular development.

Your body will do everything it can to prevent you getting injured.If your grip isnít good enough, your body will just stop growing. Having a strong grip doesnít just mean you can mash Captains of Crush grippers. It literally unlocks your bodyís potential to smash through your plateau and develop every muscle in your body. You donít need to do more exercises. You donít need grippers or forearm extensions. You donít even need more time in the gym. A quick way to get rid of the plateau is to train with thicker bars.

Thick bars will help to eradicate the weak links in the body. The price of thicker bars is the cost - itís the only downfall with them (and one to which there is a solution). Thick bars are more expensive, which is why they are so rare (even though they are very, very effective). The first thing youíd notice when using thicker bars is less pressure on your wrists - as the weight is spread across more joints. A regular bar wonít work your hands and forearms like a thick bar will. A regular dumbbell is targeted to work your biceps only - so in effect they are actually slowing your growth down. Because our bodies are programmed to stay in proportion, the brain actually stops your arms, chest, shoulders and back developing - until your hands and forearms catch up.

The more you work your hands and forearms, the more you strengthen your arms, shoulders and chest, due to the fact that when you work one muscle, you automatically work the muscles around it. Fat Gripz are a way to increase muscle activation whilst not breaking the bank - they are a lot cheaper than thicker bar training.

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